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OECS Family Law Reform


Organisation of East Caribbean States (OECS)

Consultancy Status


FLR Info Poster 2003 FINAL-01


In 2019 CCCI was contracted to foster awareness on the importance of the passage of these legislations in facilitating stability to family life and promotion of human rights.


Stakeholder Identification

Prepared a list of key informants for interviews to participate in television interviews

Film and Production

  • Two (2) radio and (2) television advertisements advocating the need for family law reform
  • Two (2) animated videos for use on social media

Communication Materials

Two (2) types of posters that raises awareness and accomplishments of the Family Reform Project in participating Member States

Television Ad

Motion Graphics Videos

Family Law Reform Icons

FLR Reform Icons_Child Care and Adoption Act

Child Care and Adoption Act

FLR Reform Icons_Child Justice Act

Child Justice Act

FLR Reform Icons_Domestic Violence Act

Domestic Violence Act

FLR Reform Icons_Status of Children Act

Status of Children Act

FLR Reform Icons_Maintenance of the Child Act

Maintenance of the Child Act


The OECS is responsible for the dissemination and implementation of the project.