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Marketing Communications


SigniaGlobe Financial

Consultancy Status



Managed Twitter and LinkedIn platforms of SigniaGlobe Financial to increase audience engagement, followers and impressions.


Created monthly social media calendars

Created graphical and video content for platforms

Posted Content and Conducted Monitoring

Drafted content for community page of Annual Report

  • – SigniaGlobe Financial in the Community: Our ‘Why’ Informs Our ‘What’

Drafted Social Media blog posts:

  • A Lesson in openness
  • Vulnerability and becoming your best
  • How you can benefit from a lease in your life
  • A lesson in riddles, airplanes and light switches


• Total followers increased by 100%
• The number of posts increased by 3.3%
• Total Impressions increased by 27.4%
• Total Engagements increased by 7.3%
• The number of engagements per post increased by 3.8%

• @Replies increased by 130%
• Retweets increased by 250%
• Impressions increased by 60.6%